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Preparing for Radio Interviews

Radio interviews are a terrific way to get you and your book noticed. Check your local radio stations for shows about books and authors or even news programs that report on entertainment in your area. Send them an e-mail, just like a review request, including an author bio and a blurb about your book, and you might be granted an excellent opportunity for promotion.

After your first interview is scheduled, you’ll likely experience a feeling of euphoria mixed with nausea. The best way to get over your nerves is to be prepared. To do that, anticipate what questions might be asked and how you could answer.

Here are some common questions:

What is your book about?

What was the inspiration for this book?

What writers do you admire?

When and why did you begin writing?

What are your current projects?

How did you publish your book? What led to this decision?

First, think of what you want to say, and then write your answers down. Practice with a friend. Prepare until you feel you’re ready. You’ll be calm and ready when you enter the studio.

During the interview, relax and have fun. The time will be over before you even notice.

Good luck!

I’m going to have my first interview on Shelf Life hosted by Catherine Sword, Librarian at the Whitchurch-Stouffville Library. I’ll be talking about my fantasy romance novel To Catch a Ripple and the writing process.

Tuesday, Jan. 28        5:30pm
Thursday Jan. 30       9:00am
Sunday Feb. 2             5:30pm

WhiStle Radio 102.7


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My First Novel is Going to be Published

My first novel, a fantasy called To Catch a Ripple will be published by World Castle Publishing under pen name K. Rosemont. I can’t wait for the next step in my writing career! Stay posted for excerpts and release dates.

To Catch a Ripple

K. Rosemont

For the first time, thirty-two-year-old Helen has fallen in love, but her lover is chained to a curse which keeps them from being together.

After a fire destroys her Toronto apartment, teacher Helen Knight moves in with Robert Seagrave, a charming, elusive novelist. When he discovers she is also a writer, Robert persuades Helen to share her stories with him. Night after night, they create tales of love everlasting, until one day fiction becomes reality.

But, under the Seagrave curse, love is forbidden. The head of the family, Lord Gabriel, is the spell’s core and he dictates what Seagraves can do, where they can go, who they can love. No Seagrave can leave the family and no outsider can enter.

In order to be with the one she loves, Helen faces her inner demons and seeks to break the curse, but as she begins to unearth family secrets, she becomes the focus of Lord Gabriel’s wrath.


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