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The Next Shakespeare

Etopia Press

YA General Fiction

Who thought a poem would trigger World War Three?

Tristan Gunner—skateboard fanatic, junk food junkie, award-winning poet. But you’d think he just got detention instead of the school’s grand prize for poetry. And even though Chris won five Math and Science awards, the next Einstein is crying because he’s not the next Shakespeare. Astra wants them both to cut the drama, and caught between a mortified winner and a crybaby loser, she hopes Chris can get over his attitude before World War Three erupts in her kitchen.

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The Aroostook Review

Flash Fiction

An Audacious Eulogy

Spilling Ink Review

Non-Fiction Comedy

Some stories should never be told.

Some stories should never be told, or at least they shouldn’t be told until no one is left to exact revenge on the teller. Find out what happened at my grandparents’ twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I heard church bells…

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Cry of the Phoenix



A perfect world changed forevermore.

For ten thousand years, Father Time lived in paradise with all other gods. However, the conflict between his daughter Infinity and the god Moderation could disrupt the balance of the universe forever.

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Wolves Mate for Life

Grand Prize: Anime North Fanfiction Contest 2007

Adventure Romance

Who could ever love a man like you?

Although Hajime Saito was a battle-hardened warrior, his wife’s betrayal was like a cold blade. When his marriage and the Tokugawa period ended, the samurai became a police officer. On his hunt for a gang of criminals, Saito meets Tokio, a woman who might hold the key to his case. However, Tokio unlocked something much more precious, the Wolf of Mibu’s heart.

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